About Us

The Trendy Eggs is bringing you the freshest picks in vintage threads, alongside modern styles and other dope things we find along the way.

The mission is simple:

Introduce you to items you can love and stunt in.


Rest assured that we are open to offers on Poshmark! We will respond with an offer that will cover shipping (at least!)

Here’s a few of our goals that we are actively pursuing! 

Converting to EV

@SJLoveAndThrift is our lovely Vanagon that helps us get to all our pop ups around the bay area. She’s rather old and sorta pollute-y (no matter how well maintain this old gas gussler is), so we want to convert her to EV! By indulging in our vintage finds and flat out cool shit, you are helping a dynamic duo reach their goal of $25k this year to make that EV-olutionary step to full electric!

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Bring you sweet deals

We search far and wide in lands of plenty to bring you the pieces that we deem are still worthy of placing on your fantastic self. Rest assured you are getting quality threads that are timeless and unique.

Here are some items we have for sale! send us a message on instagram and we can have it shipped to you!


Roper Women’s

Medium, try it free at the next flea


vintage xl denim

leather trim collar, for the loyals